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"Preserving Automobiles and A​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​uto Memorabilia for Future Generations"

The New Museum Barn
&  New Exhibits
Coming in 2017! 
We will re-open for public tours

May, 2017 

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New for 2017

Virtual Tour

We would love to take you on a tour in person!  But, until you get here, we hope you'll enjoy & learn something new about the History of the American Automobile and American Icons in our Virtual Tour.

  1. The Chevy Room
    Some fun facts from our Chevy room and there's so much more to learn! Find out why some cars just didn't sell?
  2. A Flush Back In Time
    You'll feel like you're back in the fifties. Live it and learn all about life and the evolution of the automobile at Veit Automotive Association Museum. Even the new "old" restrooms will take you back in time.
  1. Duesenberg On Display
    It's a Dousie! Learn about the origin of that catch phrase and the history of "The Duesenberg" luxury vehicle.
  1. Hot Rod Alley
    Hot Rod Alley is the road leading up to the Veit Automotive Foundation Education Museum and is lined with vintage cars, signs and memorabilia from the past...
  1. Learn about "Pump Island"
    What's a Tireflator? One of the things you find on an early 1900's Pump Island!
  2. Scottin' in the 50's
    Riding a Scooter was cool in the 50's and affordable.
  3. The First Foot Warmers
    VAF Education Museum founder Vaughn Veit tells us about the early foot warmers in Cars and Carriages.
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